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Syzl Lytnin Drops new single H8taBlockaz

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Syzl Lytnin drops EP 7 Shadez Of Syzl 

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7 Shadez Of Syzl Volume 2 EP drops August 2019

Available for d'load October 7th

7 Shadez Of Syzl Volume 3 EP drops October 2019 

Available for d'load October 7th

About Syzl


Some think a name is just a name, but it’s so much more. It’s one’s identity, a brand we sell whether we’re in the spotlight or not. It’s the thing that sets us apart from the crowd. For a woman who came up in the Ohio hip-hop scene, it’s been a mission of self-discovery as she went from one to the other in her journey of exploration, persistence, and brand assurance. She may have started out as Syzl Dinero, but today she’s stronger and more determined as Syzl Lytnin.

Over a decade ago she was simply Syzl Dinero. A rapper from Cincinnati, Ohio who found her voice in the Gospel choir at church. Her uncles love for rap soon fell onto her which in turn was a true gift as she was not only skilled, but it helped her with own anger management issues. Syzl decided to take control of her life and put that frustration into her performances and writing her own music since the age of 10. Performances that led her to record and write her first demo which in turn kick-started her career.

As Syzl Dinero her name was on mixtape after mixtape as well as hip-hop sites near and far. That led to over 100,000 YouTube views which is not bad for an indie rapper from the Midwest. While she was riding high it wasn’t enough. Syzl packed all she had and did what most emerging talents do and moved to California.  She decided to go further and created the hashtag #FromThaHoodStraight2Hollywood which was her own movement as well as her motto "Blocking the negativity and looking good while doing it".  Equipped with a Cosmetology License, a BA in Creative Writing, and an AA in Arts of Liberal Arts she got to work, but never strayed far from her musical passions. She had the experience of doing hair and makeup on models, fashion shows, appeared on The Robert Irvine Show and on America’s Court with Judge Ross, all while transforming into someone new along the way.

It was during that time she said goodbye to Syzl Dinero and hello to Syzl Lytnin. Rebranding one’s self isn’t the easiest thing, but she did it and along with that she dropped her EP- 7 Shadez of Syzl. Featuring songs that reflect her life, she penned about a girl manifesting her dreams in “I Have a Dream” as well as being confident and independent in “Shine On.” However, “H8taBlocakz” was 7 Shadez of Syzl’s lead single that really shined. “H8taBlockaz” is not only a song everyone can attest to - blocking the haters/negativity and looking good while doing it - but it helped Syzl to build and define her brand. In addition to Syzl Lytnin dropping her EP and single she started a sunglass brand called H8taBlockaz. 

Always evolving as an artist, Syzl Lytnin is currently working on new music while simultaneously plotting her next big move. Wanting to remain balanced like Beyoncé, while still embracing her roots like Gucci Mane taught her, Syzl Lytnin is looking forward to being a powerhouse in the industry as she continues to release new music and play around California in 2019.

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